Fantasy Books by Mail Make for Great Surprises

Drawing from the wealth of new and exciting worlds being made in literature, this Letterbox delivers the best fantasy books by mail. One utopian, dystopian, or otherwise wildly imaginative take on reality comes straight to your door monthly. Surprise fantasy books by mail are the cure for whatever ails you.

For your book subscription based on the best fantasy titles, choose your form: hardcover or paperback and then you’ll start receiving these amazing fantasy subscription books by mail once a month. You get one extra-special, hand-picked title, a personal note, and a Camilla Goods bookmark. Sign up for yourself, or give a subscription to the fantasy-loving reader in your life.

  • Hardcover is $35 per month
  • Paperback is $25 per month
Please Note: Letterboxes ordered after 12pm EST on the 15th will be shipped on the 15th of the next month.

From: $25 – $35

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