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This time, it’s personal.

The experience we offer with a My Letterbox book subscription takes its inspiration from old school matchmaking, from penpals, and the feeling of talking to a really good bookseller about what you like to read. When you sign up for My Letterbox (or give a subscription as a gift), the first thing we do is send a questionnaire. We mull over your answers, send you a book selection and a handwritten letter about why we think you’ll like it. Tucked into every Letterbox subscription is a self-addressed, stamped postcard for you to let us know what worked (or what didn’t) about the book we picked. Then next month, we’ll go again. There’s a time and place to let the computers do the work for you. My Letterbox is all about real people, with real love for books and the stories they tell us. It’s a conversation, a fan club, and a surprise party— all rolled into a pretty sweet package, delivered straight to your doorstep.

You chose your format (hardcover or paperback) and your frequency (delivered once or once a month, for three months, six months, or the whole year). Then sit back, and wait for the mail carrier to do their thing.

  • Hardcover is $40 per month
  • Paperback is $30 per month
Please Note:
Letterboxes ordered
after 12pm EST on the 15th will ship on the 15th of the next month.

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