A Book Subscription Service

The Letterbox keeps readers happy.

A unique custom book subscription service, The Letterbox keeps readers happy. It’s a pleasant surprise that brings joy to your mailbox once a week or once a month. Whatever works for your schedule. We’ve got theme book subscriptions–think Beach ReadsFantasy, and Children’s Picture Books. But we’ve also got My Letterbox, a unique book subscription service curated just for you based on your individual interests, reading likes, and style.

Covid-19 has disrupted our world as we knew it, but we can still connect with books. The Letterbox book subscription service gets your virtual indie bookseller working for you from a prescribed, safe distance. You can set up a subscription for yourself, but even better, The Letterbox allows you to gift a book anywhere in the country. It’s the perfect solution for reaching out and sharing love during this highly unusual time.

The Letterbox book subscription package comes with an amazing book, a personalized note, and a bookish gift. When you purchase My Letterbox, we’ll immediately send you a questionnaire so you can customize your book subscription. Fill it out, and we’ll ship your first package within 24 hours. You can scale your book subscription service to one time only, once a week, once a month, or a full year. We are here to help.

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